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viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

New projects and new dynamics: Routes to explore Granada

"Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen."
Benjamin Disraeli.

Last March 22, our new EVS came to Granada: Diana Mladenova and Luca Tóth and as a welcome we gave them some new dynamics; Routes through Granada.

This year we changed the methodology of the arrival of the volunteers ... while lasts years we accompanied them and also recommended to go to the tourist office to pick up a map that they had to photocopy and to indicate the most important areas, now what we did was to give them a google map with the areas that they should know for themselves of the emblematic neighborhoods and close to their house, as a gymkhana, the goal was to upload to social networks a photo of each place that amazed them with the hashtag #lasdeltul.

The experience has been wonderful, a full-blown adventure that surpassed itself and made the first contact with the city much easier. The activity was divided into 3 Routes to do before their "on arrival training" which the first 2 maps were locations of both the down and high Albaicín and the third, Realejo.

Although they also had the opportunity to have a first contact with the areas of Centro, Beiro, Genil, Zaidín and Norte, where we were able to carry out the procedures like the NIE, the Padron, the Library card, and even enjoy menus like the one of Papas Elvira or tapas like those of Café Bar A Ca Antonio II, all these brief visits were in company, the routes made them exploring completely alone, and the result was incredible 😍

The experience was documented especially with photos that were shared both in Instagram and in Facebook.

In the following link of our blog you will be able to follow the experience of our volunteers, whose description you can read here.

"Every beginning has its magic."
Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

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