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sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

Youthpass: It's time to write it

"The acquisition of any knowledge is always useful to the intellect, which knows discard the bad and keep the good one." 

Leonardo Da Vinci.

I guess today, you will have finished and catalog all your experiences according the Youthpass competences... and now only you have to write it.

There are several ways to write the Youthpass. There are people who decided schematic it as a Curriculum Vitae. I'm not really in favor of that. 

Youthpass is a document that summarizes an unique experience in life. Yes, you can do it like a CV, but this document not only shows your learning process during your EVS but every time you will read it, you will remember everything that was both, negative and positive things during your stay in your project and all the experiences that made you a better person.
A tip:  Write it as briefly as possible, but with a thousand drops of love. It shows that your project was important to you and not just a couple of details to add to your CV.

Try writing with formal tone, but from admiration. This document has a thousand possibilities ... You can end at the bottom of a drawer, or can end in one of the best faculties in your country in front of a rector that arises accept you and searches in this document the necessary motivation to dedicate a program in non-formal education. I don't know, I've heard a thousand things and a thousand experiences about it ... In abstract, depending on where you want to present it, will impact and that the impact will be more positive, it is best to write it with love and respect your own experience.

Nor is it necessary transcribe your daily log in the implementation of Youthpass. Reduce it the most important it and recreate it, giving it a personal touch and personality.

Write it in a Word document, and let not exceed 5 to 6 pages, because it would be excessive (get a Youthpass already done as an example, this document have around the first 3 pages, information about the project ... ie , try that your skills don't exceed 3 pages).
Be sure that you express exactly what you want and that appear everything important you have learned before passing the data to the website and generate the document, because sometimes it need that the organization unlock the link to correct what you have written and generate a new document.

One last tip: Make sure to generate both English and in your own language. And if you have reached an optimum level in the host country, dare to write in that language as well. You never know what you'll need in the future.

"After all, any kind of knowledge involves self-knowledge." 

Bruce Lee.

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