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sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

The Mid-Term Not Lived

"An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Winston Churchill.

About a month without being able to make a contribution in this blog ... a very intense month full of opportunities but also of setbacks with emotional ups and downs. Moments with more than a thousand excuses, advices, both positive and negative ... ratings but all with one thing in common: Judging by judging based on anything ... but definitely and with an optimistic view, also with opportunities to learn.

Going back a bit to Erasmus + program, I want first and foremost, to thank. I have always been a very active person, eager to live, see and learn what gives me life, and I can not stay long at home, "doing nothing" (I'm no good to be only housewife and I feel that time scapes if I don't bring to myself anything new to my life). At the moment I knew I was going to have my "khaleesi", began to close the doors that I opened with great effort, and during a while I felt that the people excluded me 100% of the society by the mere fact that I had accepted the most important and wonderful challenge in life: being a mom. However, as always, there were "Las Niñas del Tul" once again to try by all means integrate and include me. Behind them of course ANE.
Well, once framed a little all this, I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me, first participating in international seminars, then trusting me to be the tutor-mentor of new volunteers and finally, for having implicated so that I could participate in the midterm of April with my little one. I could not do it before because just when my daughter recovered, I started studying to pass my exams.

I'm terribly sorry to have involved so many people so we could be there, I know it has been an extra very hard work and that you have done it because you really are engaged with family conciliation. But it would have been much easier for you to tell us not to participate, but are happy eliminating barriers of exclusion. I know, I am aware of the great work you have done and so sadly it falls into the void ... but there are situations in life that we can not control we don't know exactly why it happen but luckily lead us to keep learning.

Thank you so much, really, also for letting me participate in the cultural night. I was just going to pick up my stuff, but I brought with me a big smile and some remember, not only by those responsibles, but also by my 4 volunteers who participated, and other evs that I met some years ago, they were there and gave me a wonderful surprise and a very great joy as Magdalena jarmok and Milos Stankovic, we could share experiences, memories and emotions, if only for a little while. Thanks for letting me participate in the mail, it was important to me to contribute a little bit, and not feel myself so guilty.

However, before say goodbye, I wanted to add a small negative point. I think it would have been excellent if had contemplated the possibility of a last minute replacement. I always understood the midterm as an exchange of experiences and tools to improve our project and reactivate the motivation, so had to be more useful if you had allowed, having had someone to participate, as another tutor or coordinator. I leave it as a review, as an idea to consider in future plans with problems, not as critical.

A thousand kisses from a tutor who has been very supported.

"To feel gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not give it." 

William Arthur Ward.

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