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martes, 12 de abril de 2016

The Mid-Term

"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." 

Fight club.

You access to your mail, begin to eliminate mails that don't interest to you and suddenly you see it. It's an email from the organization that wrote to inform you all about your "on arrival training" ... this time notifies you that you will soon have your mid-term (or your intermediate evaluation)..

You see the date of the day when these and you realize ... intially your days seemed endless, now suddenly you meet halfway and tour happened to you so fast it seemed yesterday when someone was picking up you to show where was your new home.

And now what?

What is the purpose of Mid-Term

That is the question many volunteers arise. While all essentially know what is, not everyone has very clear what it is.
The interim evaluation allows volunteers to evaluate their experience to the middle of your stay, making them reflect on the activity, the role and contribution they have in the host organization while making them reflect on the support of the host organization .
It's essential for risk prevention and crisis management and thus facilitates the resolution of disputes (if it's necessary).

In addition, volunteers share positive experiences and increase their motivation. 

If any of you are reading this article have idea what is "personal coaching" you will realize that the system is something like that just when you reach to the place where the seminar is given.

It is an opportunity given during the project to learn from the "story EVS" of each of the volunteers, allowing planning developments and / or new enhancements to his/her service, giving ideas and provoking creativity for the volunteer has more options keep in mind to do in long-term.

The evaluation also ensures explain adequately the self-directed learning process, linking it to the competences given in the Youthpass. 

Overall, the mid-term (mid-term evaluation) provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere for volunteers feel comfortable sharing their experiences and expressing what is important to them.

Think of it as an opportunity to disconnect from the routine marked by the EVS, a short break (non-holiday) that gives you a time and guidelines for order in your mind everything you've lived so far, everything you've learned and a mental break to pose you want to do from that point forward and mark some goals.

The mid-term has the magical quality to break free of tensions, worries and recharge you full of positive energy and motivation to face your last months of the project, so take the opportunity to express aloud, what worries you, bothers you, confuses you... as well as what you really passionate about the opportunity that it is giving.

"It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.

Carl Friedrich Gauss.

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