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lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

The adventure Begins

"History is a constant re-start"


That is it, after a long (or short) trip, you just left your bags in the room that will be yours in the coming months ... and now, what?

Everything depends largely on the host association, of course. Perhaps your first hours / days / weeks, you have to rely basically the information that your roommates or workmates provide to you (as was my case) or have more luck and you may have the support of your mentor.

In any case, the process will be similar for everyone. Steps like these:

  •     Visit the Tourism Office. And take the best map of the city you can find, after this ... Copy it! Most likely you get lost a couple of times, so it takes a couple of markers and write down where is your home, your workplace, and all the places you fancy locate ^ _ ^. Enjoy and take all the brochures about the host country / city. It will be your starting point for planning your future activities.
  •     Locate the most important places you should know. Town hall, police station, hospital, clinic, post office, bank, library, supermarkets ... And be sure to know the opening and closing. (You can get a surprise).
  •     Approach the Commissioner to make the DNI. If you are staying longer than 6 months in the country, you must have an ID of your host country.

  •     Create a bank account. It is important for them to give your monthly allowance. Make sure you create it on a bank with youth promotions, and remember to send the number account to your sending or coordinating organization(depending on who is who is going to make your income).
  •     Register yourself. Go to the office of City Council responsible for this formality.
  •     Visit University / Arts Center / Youth Information Point and collects all information about activities that are scheduled in the place where you live. In any city you can find the program at these monthly performances. Also at the University you can participate in activities for FREE or low cost (such as Chorus, creative writing courses ...)
  •     Get a Diary and bring it all day long. Be your log-book, making it easier for the registration of all new activities that during your EVS will be learning or perfecting. Even it can help you to collect vocabulary ^ _ ^
  •     Know your work plan and begins to become familiar with it. Question all the time, the things that you don't know can be crucial to carry out your work perfectly fine. Mentalizate and take your volunteering like any other job (or practice),keeping in mind the rights of volunteers. If you have doubts and ideas comunicate them to your mentor and your coordinator.
  •     Create your first quadrant of learning. Once you have researched some of the possibilities that gives the place that is now your house, plan your weekly activities. Collect them on the quadrant (see picture) and then compare it with your diary. You may be surprised what you learn every minute, sometimes without realizing it.

  •     And...ENJOY is your goal.

"It's better to limp along the way than advancing by big leaps out of it.
Because who limps along the way, although he do little progress, he approaches the goal, while he who goes out of it, when more runs, the more it moves away."

San Agustin

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