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domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

My EVS apps.

"Sooner or later, Internet will become profitable, it is an old story made before by railroads and automobiles" 

Paul Samuelson.

Internet has become indispensable today ... although sometimes it may be some kind of waste of time, certainly for EVS, may be an indispensable tool.

Accessibility from the land, orientation such as applications that place us in the use of transport as well as linguistic resources, ideas for day to day or plans for our vacation, this world is able to give us security or alternatives to our stay abroad.

So I bring some applications, or programs that at that time were really useful for me:

  • Social Apps: Starting from the social network facebook passing through the traditional email, you have the option of using both whatsapp, telegram o skype, to communicate as well as by instant messaging as a free video call. Having at least one of these social networks hand, facilitate communication with family and friends both in your country and in the country that takes your project.

  • Apps to explore the city and get your bearings: Of course google maps bring you out of occasional trouble until you know the city ... but that will not help you know which bus to take you to home ;) For this, Granada Town Hall launched GranadaBus qthat not only provides information on the bus routes but can also get you to know how often pass in a particular stop, or how much you have wait to get it. Moreover, not content with this, and in order to please tourists the Tourist Board launched Granada TourApp, which simplifies the organization of the visit to Granada. ^_^

  • Apps for learn a language: fter contact with family want, and see where you will live in the coming months, you'll face language learning. Well, on the Internet you can find a thousand and one ways, but in my opinion you should first have Wordreference installed on your mobile. It is a very precise dictionary that will help you defend yourself when. For learn, my app was always Memrise because after work you do not often get really wanted to think in another language, and his method is as a game, a very smart way to entertain. As for tastes there are colors, I leave a few more applications if you are interested: Duolingo and Busuu ...

  • Apps for traveling: Now it's planning a vacation you want to have (when you have it). You want to know the country or perhaps embark on a little adventure in Portugal or Morocco ... who knows. Here are some apps that will help you be globetrotter without pain to pocket: Amovens. Its a kind of blablacar, without paying commissions or pay in advance. You should know also Couchsurfing where you can find place to sleep ...
All this without counting with Youtube, will be great to learn crafts, cooking, dancing ... or anything to do with children; Pordede or Popcorn Time, where you will find films and series in OV with subtitles in Spanish and a thousand other things that you can discover for yourself investigating the network.

Good luck with using these tools!


"Internet provides the right information at the right time, for the right purpose"

Bill Gates.

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