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domingo, 10 de enero de 2016

Getting ready to our Destiny

"Waking up alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasurable sensations of this world."

Freya Stark

Surely, with the advice of the links attached, by now you've already gotten your dearest wish ... Your project for the next months. ^ _ ^

You lie in your bed and look at the ceiling. Between confusion and nerves you wonder yourself: What will the place where I live? Will I have flatmates? If so, how they will be and how about living together? Will be my work as described or totally different? And the weather? What I can need? What it is more important to bring in the suitcase? ...

Well, many of these questions, only time will answer ... but other is a matter of information, organize, prepare ... and psych. These are my tips:

  •     Make a list of everything you think is important. From medication to shoes also hygiene products needed during the trip and the first few days (if you're a woman you will understand me)

  •     See your doctor. Whether for health or take a basic kit (ask for generic medecines if you need them at any time during your stay abroad) Keeping up with your health will save some other concern.

  •     Get information about the weather. Prepare your suitcase as the place you go (shoes, warm clothing ...) Having an idea of ​​the weather of the place that you go will save you surprises and unnecessary expenses.


  •     Add to your list typical products from your country. If you can bring in your suitcase typical things or objects that are symbolic of your place of origin, and serve to proceed with some peculiarities, they may help you to remember or to introduce your culture when you should to do.

  •     Remember the objects that make you happy and that can help when you live away from home. Newspapers, diaries, stuffed animals ... anything you can make happy and help you in your early learning is welcome.

  •     Create a Skype account to stay connected with your family.

  •     Activates the roaming for your mobile phone works abroad :)

  •     Be sure to bring your ID card, passport, European health card and your plane ticket, as well as to make your check in.

  •     Keep in mind the measures and  kilos allowed of your luggage.


"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no limit to the adventures we can have as long as we look with eyes wide open."

Nehru Jawaharlal

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