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viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

EVS Training cycle

"If you want to learn, teaches"


The formation of the volunteers will be a constant in their projects and thereby to facilitate this learning, the European Voluntary Service has several formations to the preparation, adaptation and monitoring of the volunteer begins before departure and will end on his/her return.

Previous departure training.

Targeted at any future volunteers in the EVS program. It is organized by the sending organization or the coordinating organization and takes weeks before the departures of the volunteers.

The purpose of this training is to give the volunteers tools to make your project succeed and be positive and enriching experience. It is also an opportunity for the volunteers to present their expectations and goals and information about the host country.

In this formation, the sending organization will provide the info - kit to volunteers.

Arrival training.

It is organized by the National Agency of the country of destination, after the arrival of the volunteer (depending on the organization) and its minimum duration is 5 days.

The purpose of this training is to introduce volunteers in the host country, to place the person in the project, support the volunteers in their cultural adjustment, provide it with basic communication skills, raise awareness on cultural and behavioral differences, and determine the objectives of volunteers.

The contents vary from place to place, but fundamentally deal with philosophy, procedures, life cycle EVS, rights and responsibilities, the characters involved in the program (see Who's Who?)

Besides the host country, its culture, political structure, administrative procedures will be presented ...

They will provide to the volunteers a list of essential vocabulary and phrases, he/ she will be taught conflict resolution tools and use of boosts and will introduce some basic details of Youthpass.

Probably depending on your coordinating organization, will have the opportunity to have some other formations.

The mid-term evaluation.

It is a formation that normally occurs halfway through the project. It is organized by the National Agency of the country of destination and lasts at least 3 days.

The objectives of this training is to enable volunteers assess their experience, serves as a tool for risk prevention and provides a space to increase motivation.

It allows volunteers to work on the development and improvement of their project. Also give tools for adapting to return work.

It is analyzing how the project is taking place in a common space to share the experience with others volunteers to self-appraise our own experience in a more positive way. So motivation is reinforced, and targets can be reviewed from a different perspective, or create new goals and personal goals.

It facilitates assessment of the volunteer on their own experience in their host country, the cultural fit and their work and their individual capacity to face new experiences.

More tools to continue the self-learning are given and review the theme of Youthpass.

EVS Annual Event.

It is an assessment at the return of the volunteers in the sending country. Usually it lasts about two days.

It offers the opportunity to people who have completed their EVS projects to share and evaluate their experience. It is also an ideal opportunity for learning, the improvement the proposed ideas for EVS and networking among participants.

"They told me and I forgot, I saw and understood it; I did and learned."


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