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domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

Every day at EVS

"Who question a lot, learns a lot and retains much."

Francis Bacon.

Now that you've done your duty to the first adaptation in the host country, you have clear the role that each one have at EVS cycle and ensure your learning process, and have begun working in the host organization ...

You arrive to your bedroom, put down your stuff and you lie on bed, looking around with the mind completely blank and hoping that the silence will receive your soul and lead you to a deep sleep, taking off the severe migraine that has caused you confusion between your mind and your environment.

Well, this is the starting point of your learning, a state that will keep you in chaotic mental state and that will confuse you to the point that your brain will tell you that you are not learning anything ... Do not worry. It is cheating. ^ _ ^

Laugh at it, laugh at the world, play as a kid and enjoy, after all ...

That feeling will disappear sooner than you think, but as long as you take charge of your project and do not be overcome by the novelty.

Until then, take these tips and rules that benefit you. So you avoid unnecessary headaches and discomfort.

Remember: The EVS is an adventure film,all the characters involved in it are mediators who seek that you profit from your experience.
They are there to make sure your project ends with the best results to the users who benefit from your work and also for you to accomplish your goals in your EVS.
And YOU, the main character in the story, you must decide whether you are perfect protagonist or neugonista terrifying.

Some tips that benefit you.

  • A note about the country and culture. My first advice is that you start to interact with the people of your host country. To do this, a perfect choice is locate people that interests the same things that you. Participates in a sport, or some group of music / chorus, or just meet with people with your same ideology. Be interested in learning the language will be a big step in your favor, that brokes, though not entirely, communication barriers. 

  • Travel all you can and take the opportunity to learn the culture. Even participates in festivals that are not ideologically in line with your thinking, just to learn. Do not be reluctant to learn from other religions will make you a better person and will fill you with a feeling of integration, from a citizen in the world, who then want to show everyone who comes near you, and that is one basic EVS aspect, educate European citizenship. 
Any situation that comes your way, even if are annoyed or confused, express them aloud. It means, says to them what made you feel upset or confused to avoid further confusion in the future and therefore do not cause a deterioration in the relationship in the future.
  • Please note in your project. You must be flexible above all, because sometimes the project will not be like what you read to opt for it. 
Possibly you have job, although not what you thought. But there is also a chance in which there have not too much to do. Anyway, participates in your project freely, proposing ideas, activities or doing other projects. 
  • Take initiative. See what make your comrades work and takes everything as a practical class, imitate them if you can and if it's still not enough, ask how to do do, ask to they teach you. If the place where you work, not much is done, we return to the above, propose your ideas and your tasks. Do not wait to be told what you must do. 

  • Be patient and positive. It is likely that your wrote project and your experience are anything like it, but maybe, will be a positive thing, as long as you take it with good humor.

  • Please note regarding the host organization and your tutor. Try to create a good relationship with them will be your support in the coming months and your breath. 
Communicate any problem or doubt you may have and make sure your questions cover your need to know, that means, if after asking the question remains unresolved, say it. Sometimes from these questions depends on your good work in your daily work.

First of all, respect those who voluntarily and selflessly are accompanying you in your learning process, remember that most of them (if not all) devote their time and expertise so that your work is beneficial to a sector of the population or an environmental aspect that It does not cover the system completely free of charge and take you as a hand, and a support to them as they are, because they believe strongly that the program is beneficial for those forgotten by politics and for those who have an interest in helping society, from solidarity and humanity can benefit from training in securities and why not, professional, giving them the opportunity to travel and learn a language for free to exchange only its social commitment.

Anyway, take it all as it is, a little adventure that is humanly you, and that as life itself, have ups and downs.

Overcome them it's in your hand.

"My home... is my way ..."

Into the Wild.

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